Thursday, March 7, 2013

Primary School in Poland – My day

I’m Marylka. I am a teacher of a first grade students in Primary School in Minoga (Poland). My day starts with the morning coffee. After preparing and having my breakfast I drive to school, which is about five km from my home. The lessons usually start at 8. I work with students aged 6 to 9. Young learners are taught how to read, count and write. The lessons are also filled with singing, playing instruments, dancing, drawing and painting. I try to organize sports activities, which are mixed with playing. The lessons finish at 1.30.
I often stay after classes to prepare additional materials, evaluate assignments or copybooks for the following day.
I arrive at home at about 3.00, do shopping and cook dinner for my family and my favourite four-legged pet. I take the dog for a walk. Next, my family do household chores. At about 6 I spend my spare time on reading books, meeting my friends and talking about important issues with my family. At about 7 we prepare supper. In the evenings, I adore long walks, watching movies or devouring books.
At about 11 I go to bed.

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