Thursday, April 18, 2013


It’s time to wake up!! Oh my god! five minutes more, please!!... It’s half past seven in the morning and the alarm clock is blowing. I immediately go to have a shower. Then, like a worker mother, I have to do a lot of homework: the washing machine, dishwasher, make bed, cook… And have a breakfast!! I have two kids, a boy and a girl. They are 8 and 10 years old. At nine o’clock I wake up them. Then, while they are having breakfast, I prepare their clothes and their lunch. While they are making beds, I make up and brush my hair. I am a smug. At half past nine I go to work. I do physical education and also help pupils who have learning difficulties. I work in two schools: Echo and Ansó. Both are separated by 12 km. My kids start school at 10 in Echo, so that 20 minutes are left alone at home until at least ten to ten they go to school. I have to travel from one school to another. Some days I go back to Echo at recess and other days at noon. Every afternoon I teach in Echo. Our schools are small and are in the same classrooms there are children of different ages. I have to make physical education classes taking into account these differences in age. But on the other hand, we are lucky because children living in rural areas and are very used to do outdoor activities. Two or three days a week I run to eat at the school canteen Echo, because I have economic management with another of my fellow teachers. When the school day ends there is always something to do: meetings with teachers, parents meetings, preparing the next day's classes.... But I also have to be aware of my children's school classes after official school: music, dance, soccer, English.... Two days a week, at 7 pm, I volunteered I an old people’s home of my village to do a little exercise with them. I like sports, and I always look for time to do pilates, cycling, walking.... When I finally get home you have to start again with the kids baths, dinners ... But I am lucky, so that my husband is a lot with the kids and the housework, because I could not do everything alone. After dinner ....... a little TV, read, and married life .... And time to sleep! I'm exhausted! NURIA (ECHO, SPAIN)

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