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Activity via skype: Guess songs from your country (France - Greece / December 2013)

Activity via skype: Guess songs from your country (France - Greece / December 2013)

  On Friday, December 20th, we performed with the pupils of the two-seater primary school in Saou of Provence in SE France, which we visited last April as part of the Comenius program, this activity-game, via skype.  

I felt that I would get out of the classroom and meet kids from Saou ...
The title: Guess the songs of your country!

Purpose of the activity: Pupils with mime and play had to prepare and present the other country's songs and those in turn to guess which is the song?

     Let's get down, therefore, the thread of the narrative of this activity in reverse. Only a few seconds after the end of connecting through skype and the end of the game-seated in a circle-I asked my pupils to reflect on what they had experienced and to indicate an emotion or a thought ... What emerged is revealing and share it with you ...    

I thought I would raise my hand and grab the hand of a French schoolgirl ...
   Joy ... I felt I would walk out of the classroom and will meet children from Saou .... A little anxiety at first, but after a wonderful ... I can do it and go once in this village ... I think we live in the same country Greece - France .... I would like to come here to entertain ... To know our city ... I want to learn French very well so I can contact them ... I think this is the meaning of Christmas, to share things .... I thought I would raise my hand and grab the hand of a French schoolgirl ... Luckily we made it ! ... I feel lucky that I lived ...

First, then, started the activity the Greek pupils of the fifth grade of 2nd primary school St. Barbara:
Guess from the short gif the famous French song?! Νot? Listen, then, from the kids!


 Then came the turn of French pupils from the charming village of Provence  travel us to the blue waters of Aegean Sea!
Three boats with golden sails
came the dawn, in the New Year.


Finally Greek pupils mime  Zaz: je-veux
                                   offrez-moi la TouEiffel  j΄en ferais quoi                                      
   donnez-moi une limousine,  j’en ferais quoi

des bijoude chez Chanel je n΄en veux pas
Je veux d΄ l΄amour, d΄la joie de la bonne humeur
                                 To the end.... ?! A surprise for French pupils!
 What is this? A pomegranate!
We have a Christmas custom in Greece. The pomegranate symbolizes good luck.
We want you to count to three...Okay?!

Can you smell it? We Wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!
Kisses to Saou from Athens!!!
A great thank you to the drivers of this Project: good friend and colleague at Saou, Martine Guillerme, the music of our school Vasiliki Nikolaou, professor of French Sofia Mitsou and of course our pupils!                          

   Instead Epilogue: Having a common requirement in all educational systems to develop the social skills of students, the most important of those empathy - indeed intercultural- reflecting back what we experienced and we share with you, I think that this activity served ultimately this main objective and for this reason  planned with Martine. With these thoughts, let's start planning our next projects!

                         Efthimis (Makis) Chatziefstathiou

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