Tuesday, January 8, 2013


Today is tuesday and i’m at school 30 minutes earlier at 8.30 like everyday. I never like to be late for anywhere i go. My house is not very far from the school but i need to drive anyway. The school is not full yet, a few of my teens run to me shouting “goodmorniiing”, we make a few jokes and i go upstairs to get a cup of tea, organize my books, workshits and other works for the day.  After the daily ceremony with teachers and students, we go to our classes to start the lessons at 9.10.
Now it’s the first double lesson of the day with 7th grades. They like science, i like them; so i hope we’ll spend good time learning today’s subject “Force and Movement”. Sometimes it’s hard for them when it’s science;) The lesson lasts 40 minutes and a 10 minutes break after. The second break is at 10.40 and lasts 20 minutes for children to have a breakfast or snack. My next double lesson is with the 6th grades and they’re about 40 naughty pupils always wanting to play games. It’s a dynamic lesson again as we’re discussing the subject about “Human Body”. I hope this will attract their attention this time.
It’s 12.30, time to have a real beak for lunch. I’ve made a tiramisu for my colleagues today. I trust myself on it;) During our lunch of 40 minutes, we get together in a room with 8 teachers and eat the things we brougt from home and talk about the day. We also go out for lunch some days.
After lunch, we have 2 lessons left. I am with the 8ths, the biggest and the hardest of the school. I would prefer a siesta now but we don’t have it unfortunately. Back to the reality; we will learn “Electricity” in the laboratory and let’s force them and myself a little bit.
Now the school is over at 14.40, all students have left except the teachers. I’ll plan the next day now and maybe chat with my friends Zülfiye and Reyhan when we’re having Turkish coffee.
Finally, my second life; my house, family and daily sport activities are waiting for me now. Every day of mine pass almost the same and all these rush make me feel so satisfied and pleasant.
Konutkent Primary School/Turkey

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