Saturday, November 23, 2013


I woke up at 7:00 o'clock and  had breakfast prepared by my mom. When I went to catch the bus stop I met my friends,  we  talked a lot until the bus arrived. The bus  arrived at 7:30 am, we all got on to it and went to school. During the ride we told funny stories. At 7:45 am we were already at the school and we ran into the locker room to get changed.

At about 8:00 our  lessons began. The first lesson was history. We learnt about the king of Poland Kazimierz Wielki.

During the second break, I played table tennis with friends. Next lesson was Mathematics, where we did tasks on computers. Another lesson was  Polish  where we read the homework and learnt ortography. After Polish was Physical Education  we trained the lag in the retina. During the longest break I ate lunch. And finally the last lesson was Science where we studied  seas and oceans. We watched a nature film and threw up balls of paper.  At 2 pm I went with his brother to additional dance classes. It was funny a couple of times  because I did wrong steps and stepped on my partner’s foot. At about 4 I did extracurricular activities and went home.

Iza Mularczyk class 6

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