Sunday, February 3, 2013


Pepa Petrova

Good morning! I am in a hurry to have my morning cup of coffee. I know – my students wait for me. Some of them always get to school before me.  I look around approaching the building. Someone overtakes and says “hello” to me. And … at the corner of the school they run towards me whooping!

In front of the school I form them in column and we make for the classroom together. My head is already full of information after we climb the stairs to the third floor: who has a new pair of trainers, who is going to have a journey during the weekend, which has a new pet. I can’t succeed to answer all their questions they ask that make me feel like I am under fire.

We have 10 minutes to settle down to start the first lesson. I have to prepare the board and the poster couth everything necessary for the classes. My students put their things in order, getting ready for work. Oh, I can’t miss that minute when I go to the staff room to take my class’ register and share first greetings and jokes with my colleagues /a moment that  depends on my day/.

Every day we have 5 lessons /each lasts 40 minutes/ with short 10 minutes breaks. After the second lesson, during the break my students are in the canteen, having their free breakfast. At 12:10 I see some of the kids off. They go home, have lunch and get ready for the next day with their parents and relatives. The rest of the students have to do that at school with their educator in the afternoon.

What am I faced with from here up to the end of my working day? A gathering to discuss all the current, immediate tasks and aims; allocation of duties in touch with the school project; checking my student’s notebooks; getting ready for the next day…

I don’t get home at the same time every day. Some time I have a cup of coffee with my mates, talking again about moments from our working day. That is in my mind walking on my way home, having dinner with my family and even when I am falling asleep…

But I know for certain: I have a profession, that never left me feel bored or lose the meaning of my life!


  1. Hello Pepa, It's very interesting, I like your feeling about our profession.