Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Spain – Greece Skype activity

And it worked!!! Last Friday, February 15th, the third level pupils of 2nd Primary school of Aghia Varvara communicated through Skype with the Spanish pupils from third level of Primary education (10-12 years old) of Echo school.  Both sides have prepared a guessing game to play during the activity. Spanish pupils have prepared ten animal riddles that the Greek pupils had to guess and the Greek pupils have prepared 10 riddles about school objects. When the kids finished their guessing game, it was time for the teachers to play!!! Each teacher had a riddle for the other one to find. The activity lasted an hour and everybody enjoyed it. It was an amazing experience for both pupils and teachers.  Teachers think that we should give our students the opportunity to use real English with a communicative purpose as well as give them the opportunity of knowing other European pupils. Go for it…

                                                                         Dani (Spain) – Xara (Greece)


  1. It's great! All of us should try for it. Well done Spain&Greece :)

    1. Thank you!!! It was really nice... We are looking forward to more activities like that =)

  2. wow they are amazing.look at those kids they are so happy