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My day at school


My  day at school


By Peter Hajšel, Slovakia

My name is Peter Hajšel. I was born in Banská Štiavnica and almost all my life (except my study and a few other years) I have been living here. Although I know well some other Slovak towns  I love my native town with its monumental history and sober present. Banská Štiavnica for her silver  and gold mining in the Middle Ages was called „golden town“. Our town with its splendid  Holy Trinity Square,  narrow picturesque streets and alleyways, with five churches, New and Old Castles, The baroque Calvary and many other historical sights is fascinating place.

My working days are very different. On Monday and on Thursday  I have got four lessons, on Tuesday and on Friday three lessons  and on Wednesday I have got five. Every day except Tuesday I am in the school library. Here I am with the pupils who are interested in literature or information on Internet. When I am not very busy I can help them with their homework. The opening hours of our library are suitable for our children and there are from 1.30 pm. to 3.30 pm.

My profiled school subjects which I teach are English language, History, Social science and partly ICT. I like teaching English very much but to be honest,  the strongest passion of me  is for History. Some my pupils take part in regional historical Olympiad and I am often proud of them. For many pupils is English enough complicated but on the other hand many of them  are very hardworking. Two of them – Katka and Hanka -  were within our Project in Poland last  days of January.

Our school day is organized this way. We start at 7.45 am. The lesson lasts 45 minutes. The short breaks are 10 minutes long, after second lesson is 15 minutes break for elevenses (or second breakfast) and after 6th lesson is 25 minutes long break for lunch and having a rest. The teachers  carry out their duties like supervisors during the breaks. There are many leisure activities (interest groups) during the afternoons  at our school.

Although I am originally librarian, my profession of teacher gives me satisfaction.

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