Monday, December 2, 2013

A school day in Saou (France)

A school day

Friday : Like every morning, I Wake up and eat my breakfast. I brush my teeth and Wash my face. I dress myself and brush my hair.
When I’m ready, I prepare my schoolbag and start for school at 25 past 8.
At school, we have 10 minutes playtime before starting working.
We begin with a french lesson and after an English lesson.
At 10 we have 15 minutes for playtime.  When we return in classroom we have a mathematic lesson (geometry) and after, poetry. We learn the poem together.
At 10 to 12, it’s time to eat. I have shool dinner. After a short playtime, we come back in classroom at 40 past 13.
We have art class until half past 15. After the school is ended.
I pratice sport one hour, outside when the weather is beautiful, in a big room when it’s raining.
At  5 pm I come back home on foot. I make my home work. After I have time to play until 6 pm ; at 8 pm I have a shower, I eat. I read a little before sleeping.


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