Monday, December 2, 2013

A wednesday at school (France)


This morning I washed up at half past 7.

I ate one or two toasts with a hot tea.
I washed my teath and choosed my clothers. This is a difficult moment : which one can I put ?

After I prepare my schoolbag, my coat, my scarf and my gloves. I started for school.

I'm in front of the gate, it's 40 to 8. The teachers open the gate, we are going into the classroom, we chat and the teacher ask for the silence. We start working. We have a french lesson.
After we have a play-time. We play hide and seek, wolf... At the end the teacher claps has hands, we return in classroom.
We start on english lesson, we learn to present our self, to sing... after we are reading our book.

At 12 o'clock school is ended. I come back home.

I eat, play a little before going to


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