Monday, December 9, 2013

One of my days at school

       Going to school is my duty as mom and dad go to work.
       My days at school are actually very nice. We have fun with my friends at school. My success at school is good but I have to be responsible to continue it. I pay attention in classes. I try to write legibly and beautiful in my notebooks.
       After the bell beats, pupils run from classrooms like an avalanche. They start laughing, chasing and joking with each other. The school is filled with colorful rainbow of colored jackets, backpacks, running shoes and smiling faces. But breaks end very quickly. Classrooms absorb pupils and the school is quiet again.
 I need breaks to relax and prepare for the next class. My favorite classes are: Mathematics, Man and Nature, Physical Education, Home Economics and Music. It’s fun at school and I’m very glad to go there every day.

Atina Petrova – 4B klass

Unforgettable day at school
          My name’s Vladimira and I am a student in the 5th grade.
          I will never forget my first day at school.
          In summer before my first day as a student, my parents and my family prepared me for it. I remember that I was scared, anxious and curious on my first meeting with other first graders and the teacher. With the flower in my hand I crossed the school doorstep. All my anxieties and worries disappeared. The smiling teacher and cheerful classmates welcomed me with a hug. Like we were always together! I looked with curiosity at the books and notebooks. Then I realized that I should to grow up and be more responsible.
          The classes passed unnoticed in introducing and tales. I came home very happy. I was a pupil now.
          Since then, five years I’m looking forward to this important day for me - September 15, to see friends and tell everyone what I did during my summer holiday. It’s very sad not to see the smiles on the faces of my classmates all the summer.

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